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Terms of use of this TV4Education Service
1. You understand and agree that this is a storage and download service only and not content for sale, hire or available for any commercial purpose.
2. The content is provided expressly for Education purposes EXCLUSIVELY for your school, your staff and your students under your Screenrights License agreement with Screenrights.
3. All TV provided is exclusively ONLY for Screenrights License holders.
4. If you access the TV content you have a current and legitimate Screenrights License.
5. You indemnify Functional Solutions against all cost and abuse from your site as a consequence of any illegal use and any breach of copyright, any breach of Screenrights terms and conditions in the use of TV content from this service.
6. You agree to Functional Solutions providing any and all statistical and reporting data to Screenrights and any other Government department demanding this information.
7. This license is for ONE single physical/school/campus/library.
a. Multi-Campus sites must have ONE single license for each physical library.
b. Institutional sites must have ONE single license for each physical library.
c. Content from ONE physical library cannot be copied or distributed to other physical libraries.
8. You will not provide ANY content from this service to ANY third party or organization OUTSIDE of your school. (All Staff and ALL students are absolutely free to use all the content from this service within the terms and conditions of your Screenrights license within your school).
9. You will not upload this content to any other service or database outside of your school network.
10. You will not upload this content to any other similar competing service or database.
11. Content from this service will not be uploaded to , copied to , transmitted to , contained in our competitors product and in particular “DVC” or “CLICKVIEW” systems or any of their services or databases.
12. You will not provide your user credentials to any other person outside of your school network.
13. You agree to respect our Intellectual Property and Copyright and not sell, distribute or communicate any content provided by this service to ANY third party or ANY third party services.
14. You agree we can vary these terms and conditions as legally necessary and agree to be bound by them.
15. You agree to use this content on a 'fair use' condition; (3640 downloads a year or 70 download per week. These weekly downloads will accumulate every week as unused downloads from previous weeks BUT will expire when your subscription runs out at the end of your 12 month period. This will give users the opportunity to spread the 3640 downloads across any 12 month period without any loss of download capacity especially during holiday periods.) e.g. If in week 1 you download 5; in week 2 you can download this weeks capacity of 70 PLUS any unused downloads from previous weeks – your total for week 2 will be 135.
16. You agree to participate in sharing and receiving bibliographic and subject meta data in the library catalogue with Functional Solutions, and the wider www.tv4education user base to stengthen your catalogue of content.