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What's changed.
Cleaner and Easier...

Search, save and stream videos all from the one place. No more swapping between the search page and your school's cloud.

Your favourite videos, whenever you need them.

Not sure what to search for? Click the buttons to browse by subjects, themes or types of videos.

Research assistants to help you build and plan lessons.

Full of documentaries, interviews, movies and news segments, LearningTube is the best Australian curriculum matched videos.

Easily save all your favourite YouTube clips in one place. Never lose your favourite videos again. When you share or stream YouTube videos from TV4Education you don't have to worry about ads or inappropriate videos playing either.
It's also the most LEGAL way to use youtube videos in the classroom. 

What's New.
New, Just For You...

Easily and quickly add questions to videos to create interactive lessons.

Not every student will be engaged with the same video. Build 1 lesson using different clips from many videos so you can reach every child in the classroom, at the same time.

Build lessons ready for flipped environments. Whether your school uses Apple, PC, BYOD, bad internet, great internet, smartboards, flipped, blended or traditional learning, TV4Education meets your school's needs. 

Monitor & report on students engagement in real time. They really will think you have eyes in the back of your head when you can catch them closing your lesson to open other apps or websites.

Did you see a great interview on the History channel last night in the middle of a 3 hour documentary? Don’t want the whole video - just the two minute interview? Easily select and save the clip you want to keep.

You may not have requested last nights interview on the history channel but Sally at the school down the road did. It compliments her Ancient Rome lesson perfectly - and that's part of your lesson too!
Learning from the most innovative teachers in Australia is now easier than ever. Save the most educational, and popular, TV picks from the last fortnight in one click.