Technology and Art collide with amazing results.

Budding Stars Of The Paris Opera Ballet - The New School

Episode 1 of 6 shows us what it takes to be a star at the Paris Opera Ballet. The challenges the students face and how they get to the top of their discipline.


What was Picasso like in his youth? The Adventures of Modern Art gives us an insight into how he became one of the worlds most famous and infulential artists.

Ai Weiwei - Never Sorry

Alison Klayman documents the life and work of Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei. She showcases his artistic process as he prepares for a museum exhibition, his relationships with family members and his clashes with the government.

Ace Day Jobs - Games Designer

Are you interested in Game Design? Join a real life game design team to see what their daily lives are like.

Coding - The Future Is Creative

Presenter & passionate coder Chloe Watts visits some of the UK's most creative coders to demonstrate how exciting coding is, the job opportunities coding skills can lead to & how necessary coding is for our future.

Portrait Artist Of The Year

The capital cities of the British Isles play host to a competition to find the UK and Ireland's most talented portrait artists and to celebrate the art of portraiture.

Landscape artist of the Year

After the success of Portrait artist of the year, the team set out to find the UK's best landscape artist. Not all of the contestants are professionally trained.

Making Media

We go behind the scenes on the creation of a short film, music video, film trailer and website to cover shooting styles, interview techniques, approaches to editing, and concepts of web design.


For one month, the artist Banksy reveals his works on the streets of New York.

Kung Fu Motion - Hip Hop Stilts

Taking the ancient art of Chinese stilt dancing and blending it with hip hop and break dancing moves.

Fonko - South Africa And Nigeria

With some of the worlds most vibrant music scenes we travel to South Africa to find out where the music began and why it has made such a huge global impact.

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