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TV4Education Features

With our youth being saturated in video content in their
personal lives, they're no longer engaged by gimmicky, budget-made educational
videos. That's why we offer premium content.

More than just TV

We offer the biggest range of channels but what does that really mean? NASA, National Geographic, 
Discovery Science, CNN, History Channel, and over 100 others.

More Channels

We are still the only educational TV solution giving unrestricted access to ALL cable TV channels & programs.


Premium content

Premium learning videos for the Australian curriculum that will captivate even the most distracted or struggling student.

More Service

From day one our focus has been on service and saving teachers time. That's why all our programs are AD FREE & training is free & unlimited.

Over 100 video sources

At TV4Education we pride ourselves on being Australia's bigges video resource library- but where do our videos come from?
We source videos from the top educational video producers, as well as popular channels, premium educational content and curriculum matched programs. We understand not every video will work for every student that's why we have a focus on giving our customers the biggest and best range to choose from.
TV4Education customers can choose from new videos -
every single day.
We know that teachers are already incredible busy.
That's why we offer our research team to your school community to find the best video resources for your needs - not just for the subject.

Don't just take it from us, see what our customers have to say about us.

The biggest and the best.

Not everyone learns the same way - that's why we focus on providing our customers with as many videos as possible for every topic.


Aust. Curriculum

Our videos are matched to the Australian Curriculum. Easily search or browse subjects, & themes, using our easy to use subject button view.


Research Assistant

Need something special? Have an all boy class learning angles? Have a student with autism learning music? Just ask & you'll have lesson content in 48 hours.


Resource Management

Never lose a resource again. Benefit from your school's collective resources. Hosted in our cloud, it's always secure & accessible 24/7.


Anytime. Anywhere.

It's a full resource library in your pocket so learning can occur without limitations. School internet slow? Talk to us about our local solution.


Interactive Lessons

You might be able to build a lesson around one video, but can you build 1 lesson with multiple clips from different videos, quizzes, captions and more? TV4Education can.



Talk to us! TV4Education videos can be made into interactive lessons or easily embed into other learning management systems.

Ad Free. Every Time.

TV4Education was created to save teachers time. That's why we do all the manual work to prepare videos for the classroom. We've made every video available ad free from day one - at no additional cost.

Secure & Reliable

TV4Education owns and runs their very own cloud right here in Australia. It's secure, reliable and fast. We also require no apps meaning no lost time downloading or updating before learning can begin.


All packages include all our features and services. Every new feature will be added to your package too. With TV4Education you will never be caught with an additional fee for a "new service".

**Mobile companies no longer lock you into a fixed multi year contract - why would we?
Don't get your school caught in a multi-year contract with a bad exit option.


$ 850 one off
  • Setting your school up on TV4Education is a pain free process, and we are here to help you throught it.
  • *one time fee

Any Primary School OR High School Under 500 Students

$ 1750 per year
  • Fast. Reliable. Secure.
  • 24/7 Access
  • Still have access to every video resource.
  • Ready to use lessons & build your own interactive lessons.

Secondary School OVER 500 Students

$ 2750 per year+ GST
  • Fast. Reliable. Secure.
  • 24/7 Access
  • Still have access to every video resource.
  • Ready to use lessons & build your own interactive lessons.


Free PD and Training Events.

24/7 Support.
  • No per student fees.
  • No "additional package" fees.
  • No additional training fees.
  • No video request limitations.